Have a blast!

Bowling parties a fun!

Party Info

2 Hours use of our Fun & Exciting Event Room. Bring your own cake (lit candles are welcome). Great place to sing Happy Birthday, Open Gifts and Eat. Arrive up to 1/2 hour early to decorate with your own decorations - no extra charge! Adults or adult supervision only please for pool table use. 

Make unforgettable memories for your birthday person. Book your event NOW - Call us in Belfast at (207) 218-1100.

Birthday Packages - $120.00


2 Hours of Bowling Includes

  • Bowling Rental Shoes for up to 12 bowlers
  • Automatic Scoring w/ Overhead Flat-Screen Monitors
  • Photo of Birthday Person on Overhead Monitors
  • Automatic Bumpers - if needed
  • 2 Hours Use of one of our Pool Tables (Children require adult supervision)
  • Use of our Redemption Arcade

For an additional $39.95
(feeds up to 12 children)

  • 2 Large (12 Inch) Pizzas (with any toppings we have available)
  • 2 Pitchers of soda (Pepsi Products Available)
  • 2 Orders of French Fries
*If someone in your party has a food allergy, please let us know ahead of time.  


You MUST call for a reservation!



At ALLPLaY we want you to have fun!! We are working hard to create a collection of resources to help you be able to plan and have a great event! If it's birthday invitations, suggestions for party games, certificates of attendance and more!!